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How to care for your wood turning.

Ideally, with a proper balance of heat-cold-moisture and care, you can pass your wood turning on to future generations.

Wood likes a stable enviornment. It absorbs or releases moisture from it's enviornment. Abrupt and/or extreme changes in temperature or humitidy will have an adverse effect on wood. Direct sunlight can also cause damage. The usual damage from improper care would include: splitting, warping, discoloration, or drying out.

Your wood turning is finished with an oil and wax finish. Any wood cleansing product is okay, just read and follow the directions. It is better to clean lightly and often, than it is to allow dust to accumulate on a woods porous surface.

Here are four rules to follow:

1.) Do not soak wood in water

2.) Do not put in dishwasher

3.) Do not put in microwave

4.) Do not leave in direct sunlight