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Woodworking runs deep in my family. Both my Father and Grandfather enjoyed making things with wood. They both worked in the wood industry.

I remember visiting sawmills with my father and being amazed at how they would take big timber and make dimensioned lumber in a matter of minutes.

I have fond memories of watching my dad work in his garage workshop, turning boards of lumber into finished projects. He was especially fond of birdhouses. Not your average 1 hole birdhouse, more like the motel of birdhouses. I was always right there wanting to use the tools. Looking back, I am in awe at how he was able to accomplish some of the things he made, considering he lost part of his dominant arm serving during WWII.

He acquired some of his tools from his father, most of which I now use to create things with wood. These tools have now been used by three generations and are still going strong.